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These steps will help you to develop natural swag as a guy. Read number 1, 3, 4, and 10 very well.

These steps will help you to develop natural swag as a guy. Read number 1, 3, 4, and 10 very well.

Do you wanna look cool cool naturally and be a real guy? Do you wanna do your thing the way you want it without arrogance? Do you wanna be yourself and standout and make people like you for you? Then read the following steps carefully till you get to the end and unravel the original version of yourself you want so bad.

1. Be confident.

If you're not sure of yourself then nobody, I mean nobody will notice you. Swag comes naturally when you don't look nervous, when you believe in yourself, when you trust your style and don't care about what others think.

Look, if people don't like you at first, don't care, just do your thing and make sure you love it and make sure you maintain your confidence. I bet you, with time, they're all gonna develop a kind of natural likeness towards you.

2. Know your style.

For some people, this may take a lot of time to discover. But knowing your style makes you look more natural with your swag.

Know the best way to talk that'll suite your voice, maybe you're cool, maybe you're tough, maybe you're the audible and loud type. Just make sure your style is in line with your personality.

3. Go for the right clothes.

Not just buying clothes, but buying the clothes that fits you, I mean the clothes that look good on you. You don't have to follow the masses, be real. Buy your taste of clothes, don't buy some kind of clothes because people buy them.Wear clothes that fits your style. Remember you have to be an original version of yourself.

4. Look people in the eyes while discussing with them.

I am not saying you should look people's eyes to the extent that they'll be uncomfortable. No, look into their eyes and stare away when the need arises. You should also smile along the line and make sure you have confidence.

5. Be comfortable with your appearance.

Maybe you're light or dark in complexion, don't bother to change it. Be ok with it, embrace it, and love it. If you say you're too slim and you try to use medicines that'll make you look big, people will notice it and your swag will look unattractive, it seems you're just forcing yourself to get the swag.

Bleaching is also under this category.Don't even try it, instead, use creams that'll moisturize your skin and make it look natural and younger.

6. Don't be out of control.

Keep your cool even if there is something that arouses your anger. Take note of people who have swag, they always control their emotions, they don't break bottle over any little misunderstanding.

7. Make sure you look neat 24/7.

Don't look dirty if you need the swag. Iron your rough clothes before wearing them, don't wear any clothe that is dirty even if the dirt is little.

Change your hairstyle from time to time and make sure you shave your beards before people will notice the kind of bush you have around your jaw, cheeks and mouth.

Nobody wants to talk to a guy with unpleasant mouth odor. Brush your teeth from time to time, you can even use body perfumes to make you smell nice and make people feel comfortable being around you.

8. Understand good body language.

Try to understand your body language, do simple things like standing with your body open towards someone, not getting too close, nodding, smiling, all these makes people perceive you as a confident and charming person. 

9. Try to express what you know when the need arises.

Say something when people expects you to, contribute when people wants you to, talk when they want you to talk. If you fail in all of these aspects, then they'll see you as insignificant. People with swags always contribute to discussions when they need to.

Don't forget that you have to be natural, don't talk about what you don't know, you don't have to be a loudmouth, just let people know you don't talk just for talking, but make sure you talk when you need to.

10. Be the happy type.

People with swag seems to be happy with whatever they do and come across. People will respect you if they discover that you're not the type that looks sad all day.

Barcelona youngstar talks about transfer possibility

Barcelona youngstar talks about transfer possibility.

 You can regularly hint at the specific move that crashed a young player's career, and knowing the past has shown that Jean-Clair Todibo was not prepared to put the pen on paper for Barcelona when he did.

 It's not difficult to forget that he just had a small bunch of appearances for Toulouse before he left so it was continually going to be an immense step up, while there have been questions to get some information about his behavior as well. 

 Loans to Schalke and Benfica didn't help him either, so it's a good thing to at least see that he's being given more minutes at Nice this season and moving there permanently might just be the most ideal option for him.

 Putting his recent statements concerning his future into consideration, it is more than very clear that he wants to advance his career this summer:

I don’t know if it is sorted (for next season), but it is an ambition of mine. So I strongly hope it happens. My individual performances will determine if I stay here or not. Nothing is done.”

 He additionally proceeded to add that he truly wasn't that moved about Barcelona making an incredible bounce back in the Champions League against PSG and he wasn't actually following anything to do with Barcelona right now, so it's really certain that he doesn't plan to return.